Things happen, but it is our interpretation of things that matters. Put it another way, our attitude is the most important thing.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Max Planck

How to create a better attitude that gives us a better experience?

To create a better experience, we must focus on a better vision in our mind. The keyword here is FOCUS. We must take total control of our mental focus.

The general public panic when bad things happen, such as the stock market going down or virus pandemic.

That’s because the general public is not tuned in to their own inner power, instead of consciously focus on inner peace, they chose to be overpowered by “outer” chaos. Not only that, they spread fearful news and training other people’s minds to be fearful as well. A horrible reality is manifested out of thin air.

In such a mental state, people’s immune system is compromised and more like to be affected by whatever they are fearful of.

This reminds me of a spiritual tradition from India.

To become a guru in this tradition, one would have to go to a remote part of India, meditate in the unprotected outdoor area where snakes are slithering everywhere. If you are scared, sweat, or show any sign of panic, the snakes will sense it, and before you know it you are dead.

Only the ones who have supreme control of their mind and maintain their inner balance as if nothing is happening can survive and become a spiritual guru.

Life or death in this case is totally based on your ability to keep inner peace in the dangerous environment. Likely we don’t need to go through such strenuous test to see if we are tuned in to our inner peace.

However, what we can learn from it is that the environment does not control us, it is our inner state of being that determines our personal experience. We have total control of our inner state of being, it has nothing to do with anything outside of us.

So, what should you do in case of outer chaos like what we see now?

Let’s talk about the virus first.

If you are NOT directly affected by the virus, meaning you are NOT infected by the virus, cultivate the feeling of deep gratitude.

If you are directly affected by the virus, meaning you are infected by the virus, cultivate the feeling of hope and positivity. This is the vibration to your healing.

You see, no matter what the situation is, you maintain the inner peace by keeping control of your mental focus.

I’ve come to the realization that health and wealth are two aspects of the same thing; same wisdom is behind both. From what we have manifested into the physical, we peek into the inner workings of our mind in area of our health and finances.

Are you keeping your mental focus and therefore create a desired experience for yourself?

Or are you losing your focus and therefore overpowered by the so-called “outer” environment?

The fact is there’s nothing that’s outside of us. Everything is interpreted by your mind, in a way unique to you.

This reminds me of a shocking fact that more millionaires were created during the depression than other times. How could that possible?

Opportunities are always there, it’s whether you see it or not. There will always be someone who can maintain their inner peace and see through the panic exhibited by the general public.

You can either be crushed by the “outer” environment or you can stay poised with your ETERNAL inner peace.

Which one would you rather choose?

What would happen if you master the power of your own mind?

What if you can finally feel the inner peace, confident, and become unstoppable in reaching your goals?

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