As a village girl growing up in China, I always had the feeling that life contains mysterious hidden meanings.

I just didn’t know what it was at the time, but I was always very curious.

Through what seemed like a series of miracles I made it to the US to study biology. You can read about my story in my memoir.

I thought the secret of life lies in the human body and the underlying intricate systems, until I stumbled upon the power of hypnosis.

I had since then studied countless books including new age, psychic phenomenon, channeling, ESP to name a few.

What affected me most were Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

Never had I imagined that detailed and profound spiritual experiences can be achieved through rigorous hypnosis studies.

To me these books and many others provide the foundation for deep inner healing and spiritual truth.

I was shocked by how much in-depth studies had already been done already, that I could simply stand on the shoulders of giants.

My entire world started to shift.
An old view of reality is no longer acceptable.

While I was undergoing mind-blowing knowledge transfer, for lack of a better term, I was presented with some profound spiritual experiences.

First, I was connected with my spirit guide, who revealed himself as an old Tibetan Buddhist monk with thin frame and only a few hairs standing on his head.

My heart was beating fast meeting this divine being, as if a know-it-all fortune teller was about to judge me and predict my future.

He revealed to me that my life’s purpose is to heal, that I was always to heal.
I was relieved and pleased to hear that, since I always felt the calling for healing work.

However, I was not so sure of myself.

Who was I to heal others?
Heck, I thought I needed help myself!

I asked my spirit guide, “How can I heal…”
Before I finish the sentence, he said firmly, “meditation!”

I thought to myself, really?
Meditation can really heal people?

He emphasized it again and again, “You have to use meditation! You have the ability to help people get back on track with their lives!”

The love and trust that he placed upon me was so overwhelming, that I felt ashamed of myself for not being able to see what he sees in me.

While the connection with the beyond is exhilarating, it also triggered me to reexamine my existing beliefs.

Everything I was taught to that point had to be re-filtered and brought to the light of my new-found spiritual truth.

Soon after the encounter with my spirit guide, I had a spiritual moment of feeling my own soul essence.

It’s like a channel was flooded open, with knowledge and wisdom pouring in.
It is simply not possible to ignore the spiritual truth anymore.

For brief moments I could feel the connectedness of all beings.
It was a great feeling, a heart opening experience.

When a friend described her relationship struggles with her husband, I felt that pain. It felt like it was me.

You start to feel others’ sufferings as your own; you see you two as the same being, helping them whole-heartedly is what you must do.
That’s how I felt.


Why meditation?

In our highly stressful society, in this era of overexposure of advertisements (mostly negative), overflowing of useless information, increasing amount of distractions, many people seek meditation to reduce stress.

That is good.

But that is not all there is to meditation.
Reducing stress is only a side effect of meditation, not the end result.

Imagine that there’s an electrical power plant, and there are appliances, electronics, machinery, or any device that uses electricity.

To get these devices to work, you have to plug in the power cord to the power outlet, don’t you?

Once connected the unlimited flow of electricity from the source powers up the devices through the cord, which enables them to operate.

The power cord is the bridge between the source and the devices.

When this metaphor is applied to your life, you are the device.

There is a power source deep within you.
Meditation is that power cord.
It is the way to connect.
It connects you to the source of creation, the source of all-knowingness, the source of where everything springs from.

That is the magic of meditation.

Somewhere deep inside of you, there’s a place of all-knowing.
You can all it your higher self.
It feels like a third person to the everyday consciousness of you.

You may not be aware of it because your human consciousness is not opened up to it fully.

It knows everything about you.
It is the true essence of you, the totality of you.

Your everyday consciousness does not hold much information compared to the totality of you.

It’s as if you are looking through a telescope to observe the entire night sky, you only see a tiny little bit.

This tiny little bit is the best part to assist you in navigating physical reality.

What you see with the telescope in this metaphor is your conscious mind, it is what becomes aware to you.

It is only a small portion of the totality, but it can be expanded if you are willing to.

Your higher self knows everything about you, your entire history, every life event, every intention, every thought ever conceived, every feeling and emotion experienced.

You just need to reach deep inside to connect with it so it can guide you!

Meditation is to turn down the outside noise so you can focus inwards to reach the deeper parts of you, to make connection with your infinite wisdom.

In this state, you can uncover the root cause of ailments, emotional blockages, reason for relationship issues, blocks to personal success, etc.

If you can tune in to your soul’s abilities, all the abilities that humanity termed “supernatural” is in fact natural abilities of the soul.

When you can reach the depth of meditation, you start to affect the energy plane where the physical reality originates.

It’s as if you entered the backstage of a play and dictate how the play should go.

You can mold and shift events, even though you don’t see visible change on the physical plane yet.

Your ability to focus and meditate gives you magical powers!

You will also start to see the connectedness of everything and every person.

Unconditional love and compassion towards all other beings is the result.
Outwardly, you radiate peacefulness, infinite patience and calmness.

We are all on this journey to self-realization, to awaken to our soul’s identities.
Earth is our school for learning.

In this school we adopt physical perception, so everything feels “real” to our physical senses.

The feeling of “time” and “space” is the classroom.
Life events and relationships with other people are the actual tests to learn about ourselves.

There’s a theory that if you awaken 3 lifetimes in a row you “graduate” from earth school, meaning you no longer need to reincarnate on earth, you will take on other jobs somewhere else instead.

Earth is a rigorous training ground; it prepares you for more important work.
The fastest way to progress as a soul being is through meditation.

There is magic in meditation that only through first-hand experiences can you feel it.

Through connecting to your own higher consciousness, you live an expanded life where negative vibrations cease to exist.

Take out some time every day to practice meditation, even if it’s only 5 min.
Do 2 to 3 times a day, 5 min each.

It is not a waste of time, it does not take away your gym time, sleep time, lunch time, your time with your loved ones, or whichever time you decided to use for meditation.

It only enhances your life and endows you with MAGIC.

If you would like to speed up your progress, I may be able to help you!
Afterall it is my life’s purpose.

If there’s a health issue you want to look at, relationship issue you want to find answers for, a spiritual talent such as channeling that you want to master, or you want to hone a skill through mind training, I am here to help!

Healing sessions or spiritual coaching are available in person or through online video calls.

Simply email me at [email protected] and let’s discuss how we can work together for your maximum benefit!