Do all living things have consciousness? Certainly, many of them such as plants, have no eyes, ears, mouth, vocal cords like us humans, does that stop them from having their feelings? Can all living things “sense” or “perceive” telepathically, despite their lack of hands or skin or other sensory modalities that we know of? Are all living organisms aware on some level? More importantly, do you show love and compassion towards every living being? Can you use consciousness to heal the way you never thought possible before?

With 36 years of research into biocommunication, the former CIA specialist Cleve Backster found that plants, as well as other living organisms respond to other conscious beings. Out of boredness one night in 1966, Cleve attached a lie detector onto a leaf of a plant and began to think about what he could to stress the plant.

When he mentally pictured burning the leaf, the reading went off chart. In other words, the plant perceived his intent and reacted with intense fear. The intent must be true though not pretentious, perhaps that’s why the findings were considered controversial under strict scientific settings. Cleve’s serendipitous yet breakthrough findings led him to over 30 years of research into the area of the consciousness of different life forms.

Against our conventional beliefs, plants do have thoughts, feelings, and consciousness, they are aware and respond in subtle ways, even though they cannot speak up and let us know. It is also no wonder that some people have green thumbs. They provide not only the care, but the thoughts of the plants’ well-being, or even talk to them to help the plant thrive.

Plants can perceive your loving thoughts or lack of it. Behind the physical look of the still appearances of the plants, there is intelligent conscious awareness. This concept has many profound implications, among which are you can heal your body with your thought and develop love and compassion towards all beings.

You can heal your body with your thought

Not only plants, but other living beings are conscious as well. All life forms, ranging from bacteria, to plants, to animals, and animal cells, have the capacity to respond to one another. It reminds me of the reprogramming of bodily cells by thought, or healing with imagination.

Patients were instructed to imagine the battle between their white blood cells and cells that gone awry. Imagine the demise of cancer cells or any other sickly cells, imagine the victory of your body’s defense system. Imagine the scene as vividly as possible, with exaggeration and humor if needed. It helps with healing, perhaps miraculously by our common sense. Why is it so? Because bodily cells themselves are conscious and they respond to the thought you give them.

There is no limit to the imagination though, you can simply imagine that the body parts that are sick are healing rapidly, that you are returning perfect health. Or you can imagine that every breath you take it heals you and makes you stronger. Whatever it may be, it is your consciousness affecting the consciousness of your bodily cells.

Each body cell has their own consciousness, and left alone the body is in perfect health because that’s its natural state of being. The body will return its perfect health when left alone, no matter how sick it seems now. However, your thoughts, especially those buried deep in the subconscious mind might be sabotaging the natural health of bodily cells and cause/maintain what we call disease or any disharmony. You can use your consciousness to heal your body in ways you never thought possible before.

Develop love and compassion towards all beings

Since all beings can perceive and respond, and that they are conscious and aware, they have as much “right” as we do. Their feelings and thoughts deserve to be respected. Not until you become consciously aware that all beings have thoughts, feelings, and conscious awareness, will you develop the unconditional love towards all other beings, big or small. The level of love and compassion towards all beings demonstrates your spiritual attainment, your level of awakening, your ability to feel the interconnectedness of all consciousness.

As humans, we might have mental dispositions rooted in the sense of ego, that caused us to not only treat other life forms with no respect but with our own kind – other human beings. Addressing the existence of other beings’ consciousness allows you to feel telepathically what they feel and therefore do the right thing, which helps you with developing compassion towards others. Your feeling of the connection to all consciousness will improve and you will demonstrate love and compassion.

Our intuition had been telling us for as long as human record can be traced, that even the smallest organisms have consciousness. Subtle communications exist between all living beings. We are now reawakening, embracing, and becoming conscious of the truth in new light. With this knowledge, not only we can use our own consciousness to heal our body to benefit ourselves, we can also rekindle the love and compassion towards all beings and fill the world with nothing but peace and harmony.