Words of Love

Hi Sue, thank you for walking me through how to channel sales copy… our session really got the energy moving! Also, yesterday morning I was guided to channel a sales page for a new program offering. It was the first time I was ablet to write sales copy freely with the words simply flowing out of me. Later that day, I unexpectedly was offered an opportunity to promote that program on a prominent influencer’s platform! I knew there was a reason those words had come through at that exact time and working with you opened that door to me being able to allow those words to come through without any resistance.

Karl, US

I was fascinated by the thought of being able to channel a book… Sue guided me through the process expertly until I could visualize and channel my book cover, my book blurb, reviews, and of course the book itself. Channel my book was a surprising experience… Sue’s generosity of time and attention made the whole experience pleasurable and exciting.

Emma D, UK

I hired Sue for spiritual life coaching for my grown up son, 24 year old, who had issues communicating with co-workers that created a lot of trouble at the company that I own. I was put in an awkward position as his mom and CEO of my company, and it stressed me out. With Sue’s help my son became compassionate and understanding of co-workers who he previously seemed lower than him. His change of attitude and behavior made the working environment much better for everyone. I sincerely thank Sue for changing my son’s and my own life!

Jennifer L

I came to Sue because I was experiencing the male version of periods. I had a lot of frictions with my girlfriend. Both of us were divorced, each with a young kid. I felt like we were trying to stay together for the fear of being single. I didn’t feel deep connections with her and felt kind of lost. We fought often and it made me feel disappointed and hopeless in relationships… After working with Sue, I started to feel harmony and deep connection with my girlfriend and we had since moved in together. Things are looking good and I am a happy man again!

Ben T

I used to suffer from abdominal pains, for reasons doctors could not detect. I had been treated with medicine with no results. I stumbled upon Sue’s book The Nature of Mind Realities as I was always in search of the meaning of reality. The book was like lightening to me. I suddenly awakened to the ” Now moments / present moment ” Completely forgetting about what was my past and what future holds.. When I read Sue’s book I understood that only this moment is real. I became fully present.

I immediately started affirming ” I am fit, fine and healthy.. All my inner and outer body organs and body parts are fit, fine healthy and healed”.  I even used to write only this one affirmation ten times daily. I started to live in a moment / present.

In a few weeks my pain started to reduce. I didn’t realise that till about 7 weeks later my pain completely vanished. I completely healed myself.. The power contained in the book allowed me to heal myself. Thank you Sue, you are an angel!

SA, India

With Sue’s help in a single session, I was able to truly let go of the past trauma that was haunting me down in my life like nightmares. I felt a sense of peace again and my depression was gone. Thank God I was led to Sue to set me free from past trauma!

Steve Jankowski, CT

Dr. Sue Maisano is a very talented professional. I recently experienced a hypnosis and past life regression class lead by Dr. Maisano. She is a gifted facilitator who provides a safe and compassionate space from which we can explore our life’s purpose and find emotional healing. It is evident that the well-being of her clients is of her greatest concern.

Pia Bonaparte, CT

I had Sue’s service twice. The first time was because I wanted to know who I was in my past life. We conducted the session through WeChat, a Chinese social media app. I was able to be hypnotized across the globe as I was in China at the time. The whole process was very relaxing, and with her guidance I visited some events from my most relevant past life. I saw the young self and the aging self in that life. I even saw people who are my close friends in my current life. The feelings I experienced were a little sentimental as well as joy. The past life regression allowed me to understand myself at a deeper level, beyond my current skin and flesh. I suddenly understood the origin of some of my current personalities as I found traces in my past life.

The second time I had Sue’s service was to solve some everyday issues. Even though from a financial standpoint I can support my mother and serve the role a daughter as expected, I never felt emotional closeness with my mother. I was puzzled as to why our relationship was like this. Hypnosis the second time went a lot smoother than the first one. Quickly Sue led me to a scene of when I was about 18 months old. I felt the helplessness in this little girl as she felt being neglected and lonely. I saw myself before the age of one and constantly being left alone and felt isolation and not enough nurturing. The process of me being born changed the feeling of my immediate family including my mother from anticipation to disappointment as they saw that I was a girl. My heart sunk at the moment of birth.

This experience surprised me, as in my conscious memory and from what my mother had told me before I was a smart and lovely girl when growing up. Perhaps on an unconscious level I never fully accepted and forgave my mother, and that’s why our relationship has this unspeakable strain. Sue helped me discover and subsequently release the deeply buried emotions and allowed me to truly accept and forgive my mother.

The two hypnosis sessions helped me tremendously. They provided me with a special lens through which to understand my deep seeded feelings and emotions, and then try to face and solve the issues I encountered. Sue’s sessions allowed me to observe myself through multidimensions across time and space, to understand myself in a much deeper sense and deal with every happening in my present moment with ease and calm. I recommend Sue’s service to all my friends.

JQ Zhang, Guangzhou, China

Sue helped me open up my mind to a higher power that I never knew existed. It was exciting and even “scary” at first. I started to have a sense of meaning in everything in life and the feeling that we are not alone in facing life’s challenges. Sue helped me open the door to understanding our ability to perceive the hidden information that’s independent from our five senses, to help us succeed in life. I felt incredibly grounded, yet enlightened, with her help.

Charles Rappaport, NY

I attended a meditation event led by Sue at the Southington Library entitled Explore the Akashic Records for Hidden Information.

While in the deep state of meditation, we were brought to a peaceful scene where we met our spirit guides. I could feel the loving energy emanating from my spirit guide who revealed himself

as Jonathan.

With Sue’s guidance, my spirit guide accompanied me to the spirit Library where my Book of Life was housed, the Library of the Akashic Records. The librarian accessed my book, which

had a hard golden outer binding. It had ornate details on it with my name engraved in the center.

As I flipped through the pages with Sue’s guidance, I’d see a flash of light before my eyes settled in to what was on the page. Sometimes an image, sometimes words. It was then projected on a large screen in my private viewing room.

I saw some of my past lives on the screen. With Sue’s questioning of my most recent incarnation, I saw the screen became vivid images. A little girl about 6 or 7 with curly long blond hair running through cotton fields.

When questioned about my first life on earth, I could suddenly feel the emotions of that time. I could see the ground around me was sand, like a desert. I had no shoes, my chest and legs were bare. Things seemed very primitive.

At some time, I saw the Great Pyramid, and I recall saying something about the Middle East.

Sue asked me my list of questions which was prepared before the session and received answers from me and my spirit guide. When we were brought out of the meditative state, and as I opened my eyes, I could feel they were sticky. I said, “What the hell! What’s this?” I had tears in my eyes that streamed down my face. This is so not me since I never cry. I had no emotions connected to the tears though. I felt no sadness or joy that might explain the tears; it just happened. Sue explained that it sometimes happens as the emotions release themselves unconsciously.

I was truly overjoyed to get the answers about what my life focus should be when I enter retirement, and why I should head in that direction. I believe we are all here to serve and help others; that is what I will continue to do. Sue was warm, kind and open. She was informative and took time to answer questions. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone interested in finding their higher purpose, or those needing to connect with the Devine vibration of a higher love. 

Starr E, Southington, CT