About Sue

This is the official blog of Sue Maisano. Sue offers healing services through her website, SueMaisano.com
Her featured book The Healing Journey is available on Amazon.

Sue Maisano is a Chinese American, mother of 3, author and healer, who launched the Mind Realities blog with the pure purpose of healing, relationship improvement, and personal empowerment.

These seemingly diverse topics are all inter-connected, and the key is to understand the nature of realities and tap into your source of power which is within you.

Growing up in a poor Chinese farm house Sue understood, from an early age, that she was the only one that could change her fate. Through fearless actions fueled with unrelenting determination, Sue made it to the USA for PhD study in Neuroscience after finishing her college studies in China in 2005. Despite her accomplishments in scientific studies she felt the inner calling for something more profound.

Two years after she completed her studies, in 2013 Sue embarked on the journey of healing others through empowering their mind, for she realized that the only true power resides in the mind and the mind is the gateway to the beyond. It was through the power of the mind that enabled her to transform her life from a poor Chinese farm girl to American mother of 3, healer, and author.

Her life stories and inspirations are featured in her signature book The Healing Journey.

Sue holds certifications in the following areas:

  • Hypnosis
  • Reiki Master
  • Silva ESP

In addition, she has studied extensively without certification:

  • Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy by Michael Newton, author of Destiny of Souls
  • Healing the Body Using the Mind by Steven Parkhill, author of Answer Cancer

About Mind Realities

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.Einstein

Did you know that the physical realities that you see, hear, touch, etc, is not the ultimate reality?

Did you know that your subconscious mind and beyond is your sacred gift and hold the key to higher truth?

Did you know that there are higher dimensions/realities/frequencies/vibrations that you can tap into, from where you can channel higher information to benefit your current life?

Did you know that LOVE carries with it the highest vibrations/frequencies that match the source/creator/God/all that is/infinitive intelligence, which is all encompassing?

Unfortunately, the voice of healing, the voice calling for inner truth, the voice to awaken you is so faint among the nonsense and hype that we see all over the place.

We are driven by the hypes that appeal to the conscious mind that leads to the feeling of lack, feeling of fear, feeling of emptiness, feeling of insecurities, and the need for endless consumption that only depletes us.

In Mind Realities we help you understand and implement the higher truth, and reawaken the strength that is naturally yours.

Blogs are written with Heart & Soul. Each article is written with the highest intention to help you tap into your own power to elicit self-healing, love, inner peace, harmony, forgiveness, gratitude, trust, strength, and the connection to All That Is.

It is your birthright to awaken to your own power and inner wisdom.

Please share the site with your loved ones.

From Sue Maisano,

Author of The Healing Journey, and the channeler behind this website.