People say they want something but they don’t really mean it.

They say: I want to lose weight, I want to get rich, I want to travel…

Take losing weight as an example. All they really want is to look slim and sexy. When they say “I want to lose weight,” they omit a really important fact, that they don’t want to diet/exercise. When people say “I want to get rich,” all they really want is the feeling of power and money at their disposal, but they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone and do the necessary hard work. When they say “I want to travel,” all they really want is to experience different places, people and culture, but they don’t like the traveling itself, the drive, the flight, the traffic, the delays, the crowd and the fatigue.

Do you see the discrepancy here?

People want the end result but they don’t want to take the pains necessary to get there. And that’s why people keep declaring to the world what they want but hesitate to take action or get stuck in the middle somewhere without achieving their goal.

When people are indeed serious about their goal, it is not even necessary to announce to the world, because they would be busy taking massive action towards their goal.

It comes with a price to get what you want and people are not willing to pay for the price. All they want is the end result. For most people, their desire is simply not strong enough for them to overcome the obstacles and that’s why they stuck where they are.

The mind loves familiarity and does not like to take risks or start something unknown and therefore, the mind tends to cling onto old habits. But how can you make a CHANGE that you know will improve your life? How you can take the necessary actions? Be it eat healthier, go to the gym, quit your job, or even file for divorce if that’s the change you need to make.

Let’s consider how we take actions, and the role of our thoughts.

Category 1: No thinking at all, simply do it.

Imagine you find a $100 bill laying in front of you on the walkway. Do you debate in your mind whether or not to pick it up? Do you think about how you should bend down? Would you consider approaching the bill from the left or right? I bet the answers to those questions are no. You will simply do it and pick it up. You won’t launch a lengthy mental battle before you take action. In fact, you don’t even think about it and you just do it. Little to no thinking results in the least resistance to your action. You do not go back and forth during the action, and you will not give up your action before obtaining your goal. Many everyday routines and super easy tasks fall into this category.

Category 2: Think about what it takes, but want to give it a try.

Now imagine there’s a $10,000 bill in front of you on the walkway. However, the bill is buried deep underneath 1000 heavy bricks. These bricks are really heavy for you and will take you a long time to remove them all and reach the bill, had you not given up by then. You think about all the work involved, but decided to do it anyways. You jump into action.

While carrying the bricks you feel so tired and you don’t think you can do it. Perhaps $10,000 isn’t really worth it. If it were $1,000,000 you would have more motivation you think. Therefore, you give up.

You see, the idea of giving it a try can sometimes get you jump started. But if during the action you keep thinking, reconsidering the risks and efforts, weighing the pros and cons, then you may not be able to complete the action. That’s what happens to most people when they execute their goal. They cannot separate the thinking from action. During the action, they are still considering whether or not to do it.

Category 3: Regardless of how you feel, just do it.

Mel Robbins’ 5 second rule is you count backwards 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and just do it. Regardless of how you feel, start moving your body to initiate the action and you will be in the flow of actions instead of stuck in the mental battle. Take getting up early in the morning as an example. Regardless of how reluctant you feel about getting up, count backwards and pull yourself out of bed. When you do the count backwards you break your thinking pattern and launch the action mode.

Many people are so successful not because of how smart they are, but because they can push themselves to action regardless of how they feel, and that makes a huge difference. If you let fear overpower you then you will never be successful. People who achieve huge success have fears  just like you and me, but the difference is they take actions anyways despite how they feel.

There is a virtue in the phrase “just do it”. Just do it means that you do not entertain the feeling of how you don’t want to do it, but take actions anyway so the goal can be accomplished. It takes mental discipline to overcome the weakness of the mind. But with massive action you can get what you want. That’s why sometimes seemingly bold actions bring you handsome rewards.

Do you want what you said you want? Then do it! Next time before you set up your goal, separate your action from your thinking. You can still consider the steps involved in achieving your goals so you are aware of what you need to do, but once you make the commitment take actions fearlessly and consistently.