–The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

This message is about my personal story. It shows you how the universe helps you in achieving your heart-felt dreams, no matter how unlikely it seems from the beginning. You may read about what seems to be my personal achievement, however, I don’t take full credits for any achievements, because without the invisible help from the Universe. Without the helping hands from people who had given me help in times of hardships I would not be where I am today. I had nothing but humbleness and deep appreciation.

My story is yours and your story is mine; we are all connected. The stories may awaken something in you to realize your own unlimited power. Therefore, read it with an open mind and draw inspirations from it wherever it resonates with you.

Chinese Village Girl

I was born in a poor village in China in 1982. My dad was an elementary school drop out, and my mom was looked down upon since her childhood, simply for being female…

Growing up, whenever I saw friends and cousins wearing new clothes or eating snacks, I asked for such things from my parents. All I got was: “we can’t afford it!”

My mom got seriously sick with an unknown illness soon after she gave birth to my brother in 1985. She baffled the medics; every exam seemed fine, but she was dying.

After years of hospitalization and a failed suicide attempt (thank goodness a tree branch saved her life when she jumped out of the hospital building), she finally came home.

Our family was deeply in debt due to the mounting hospital bills and my dad’s lack of education meant that he wasn’t able to find decent jobs. Besides, he had put most of his energy into taking care of my mom.

My mom’s condition improved, but she suffered depression from time to time. I remember multiple occasions from the age of 10 where my dad pled with me to go and comfort my mom, to let her know that life was worth living…

I knew from a very early age that no one could help me but myself. Luckily, I was very self-disciplined and didn’t need much of a push from my parents to behave or study well in school.

Education: The Only Way Out

I had a strong feeling that education was the only way out. I studied hard, as well as helping out with the house work and working on the farm as hard as a grown man, while other girls played at being princesses at home.

I seized every opportunity I could to read books on our dresser after school. My dad felt no shame going from house to house in our neighborhood to borrow money for my tuition. He was willing to do anything he could for me to pursue education, so I could have a better life.

I became the top student in our local middle school, heavily due to the fact that most other children there didn’t put any effort into their study. My teachers helped me a lot. Some of them gave me clothes… and I formed a lifelong relationship with one, who I am forever grateful to.

I managed to get into the best high school in town, living on campus for three years, studying really hard while being extremely frugal.

College Dreams

When it was time for college, I planned to apply for the top teaching University in China. My teacher at the time, however, thought it would be a lot safer for me to apply to a much lower level school instead.

I agreed but, at the last moment, decided to follow my heart and switched my application back to the top University. And, I got in!

Upon hearing the good news, my mom momentarily forgot her illness and lifted me up high in the air out of sheer excitement. Our family had its first college student after generations of slaving away.

I used all my spare time at University to study and, on weekends, I would tutor students to make some money to live. On the few occasions I went home I would have to return soon after, cheerily waving goodbye to my father and quickly turning my head to wipe away the tears streaming down my face.

Despite working extremely hard in college, I was just an average student; my classmates were the best of the best from their respective provinces.

My Impossible Goal

In junior year, I suddenly had a feeling: I need to go to America to further my study. It was a wild idea, because I only had three months left to take the GRE test in order to go abroad right after college.

The inner calling was so strong that I burned the ship and abandoned any other alternatives.

My six roommates already had their futures secured, most recommended to higher education without needing any exams. They were celebrating with good reason, but my life was still hanging on a string. I moved out of my dorm and rented an underground apartment to keep myself focused on my study.

When my GRE score came out horrible I felt like I’d been struck by lightning. If I gave up my American dream and strove for a recommendation to higher education in China I still had a chance, and that’s what many of my classmates had done.

But, after deliberating, I decided to continue to pursue my dream. I made the promise to myself that even if I failed I wouldn’t regret it.

With this in mind, I started contacting US professors, after getting my first computer and email address.

Help From the Universe

The Universe must have heard my inner voice, because I soon got a reply from a kind US professor saying she was coming to Beijing in two weeks and would like to interview me!

The interview went well. She mentioned that her school was very competitive to get in, but that we should keep in touch in the following year and see what happens.

After my interview with her, I did voluntary work in a lab in the Chinese Academy of Sciences to build up my lab experience and prepare for grad school in Biology.

It was the toughest year of my life….but everyone I met seemed to help me in one way or another. It felt like the Universe was rearranging itself for me.

I stayed in contact with the US professor every step of the way. As the deadline for graduate school notifications approached, my professor told me that her university had decided not to accept any international students that year.

I was devastated. I hadn’t applied for any other schools because I knew that her school was the one I wanted to work in. On hearing that they were not accepting any foreign students I felt lost and decided to surrender to FATE. I no longer felt like fighting. But I didn’t feel defeated because I had promised myself that I would not regret it. Deep down, though, I was wondering how would things could change.

Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, way past the supposed deadline, I received an email from the school saying that they had made a spot available for one international student and my name had been recommended by the kind professor…

So by a miracle I got the interview opportunity and was accepted by Wesleyan University in the US!

Discovering Inner Power

I landed in the US on August 22nd, 2005. My new life had begun…

Like always, I worked really hard and didn’t return home again for four years. I succeeded with three high impact publications during my five-and-a-half years of grad school studies. I also got married to an American husband, and we had our first child while I was pursuing my PhD. I’m now a proud mother of three, with a loving husband.

My field was neuroscience, and I wanted to understand how the brain really works. However, I was not getting answers for many things that I was so curious about.

I felt a deep inner calling. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I needed to explore. In 2013 I started searching for the deeper meanings of life.

I started reading self-development books to understand more about health, how people draw different situations to their lives, how miracles are created, how riches come about, and who I really am.

I came across some life-changing books that enlightened me and pointed me in the right direction.

From Tony Robbin’s book, Awaken the Giant Within, I found how it’s possible to create instant change in people with hypnosis and NLP; from Think and Grow Rich, I understood the power of thought and it helped explain how I was able to achieve what seemed impossible in my earlier life; from Milton Erickson’s life story I understood the power of the subconscious mind; from Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls I saw the ultimate truth and learned about our higher purpose.

I also read about the Silva Method, ESP, photo-reading, psychic abilities, metaphysics, healing, and the Law of Attraction.

Teaching You How Powerful You Are

I’m drawn to things that are normally considered impossible. I believe anything is possible and there must be a wayThe only limitation is self-limitation.

I believe that everyone has the innate ability to perceive information from the higher dimensions, beyond our sensory limitations. We can then use that information to make better decisions in life, overcome ‘blockages’ to achieving what we want, to create riches, and live a more fulfilling life, as it is meant to be.

The gateway to the higher dimensions is the subconscious mind. We are spiritual beings bestowed with a human body; we are all connected to the Source and we are here to experience love.

An unexpected and mind-blowing encounter with my spirit guide (the invisible beings we have to help guide us through life) revealed the direction I must take, which is to heal and empower others.

My life story then started to make more sense to me. I began to understand why I had to endure what I had gone through in earlier life, in order to reach a higher understanding, and how these first-hand experiences placed me in the position to empower others.

So, if you are reading this message, it is not a coincidence. It is time to awaken to yourself and re-claim the health, happiness, and wealth you are entitled to.