Everything that has entered our mind, even the ones that escaped our conscious awareness, makes an impression on the subconscious level. It’s as if our mind takes photographs of everything. It is coined as mental photography.

When the mind is tuned inwards to search that hidden information in an intense concentrated manner, it enhances the memory recall abilities. And that’s why forensic hypnosis can help a witness recall certain facts that are not possible for them to remember in everyday consciousness.

Anything and everything that entered our mind is stored somewhere in our memory, but depending on our method of recalling, we may not be able to bring that information forward to our conscious awareness.

Our mind is like a camera: it takes panoramic views of what we see. However, not everything that we see is processed equally by the mind. The information that gained our conscious attention and the information that escaped our conscious attention are processed by different brain regions through different pathways. The end result being, the information that we paid attention to is processed by the conscious mind, and is available for conscious recall, analysis, reasoning, comparison, etc. It is subject to what we know of as the left-brain functions.

The information we did not pay attention to enters the subconscious mind. It enters the permanent memory without any filtering. The subconscious mind houses over 90% of the mind power and even that is an underestimate. While the conscious mind can only handle 7 signals max at a time, the subconscious mind has no limitations.

Conscious Mind Focuses Our Attention

It is to our benefit though. Think about how hectic our world will be if we are stimulated by everything in our field of vision; we won’t have any focus and won’t get anything done. When you read a book for example, there are so many other things in your field of vision such as your hand holding the book, the subtle textures of your fingers, the floor, the room you are in, the pictures on the wall, etc. The job of the conscious mind is to make sure we pay attention to what’s important to us right now and ignore the background stimuli. 

However, what if we use our mind power to our ultimate advantage? We know that everything that entered our mind is stored, and in a deep hypnotic/meditative state we can recall anything we intent. It is quite a feat the subconscious mind is doing.

Can we then use this knowledge for speed reading? Can we simply let the words of the book escape our conscious awareness and directly goes into the subconscious mind? Then through meditation recall the content of the book? Can we use our subconscious mind to read books?

If that’s the case, “reading” will become effortless and immediate. You can assimilate the knowledge of the book, no matter how thick it is, within a very short period of time, even minutes. The important step though is recalling. What you need to practice on is to build a bridge, so to speak, between your conscious and subconscious mind. The information is always there stored in the subconscious mind, the hardest part is to bring your desired information to your conscious awareness.

Richard Welch developed what’s called ZOXing. It is such an adaption of the power of the subconscious mind used in reading. During this process, one keeps a soft gaze without paying any particular attention anywhere on the field of vision. While maintaining the open focus gaze, turns the pages rapidly, letting the words of the book fall into the field of vision without paying attention to any particular words. The book can even be placed upside down, it doesn’t matter. After this is done, use meditation to recall the content of the book.

Like a physical activity, training the mind for such an ability requires a lot of exercise.

The power of the subconscious mind can not only be used for reading, but many other areas in life. For example, the “side effect” of ZOXing is enhanced intuition. Think about it, isn’t intuition also the transfer of information from the subconscious to the conscious mind? When you awaken to the power of your own mind, you have found the goldmine, not just in speed reading but in all areas of life.

Sue Maisano is a healer and author of The Healing Journey. If you love the message in the article, please share it with someone you care. Together we’ll raise human consciousness and make the world a better place.

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