A small pile of sand, you know how it feels, it’s just a pile of sand, nothing unusual.

But if you put it on a piece of paper and place a magnet underneath it, you’ll notice the sand start to change.

Perhaps it’s lining up in a harmonized way, moving or reorienting into patterns. It’s as if they have a mind of their own. When you move the magnet around, the sand follows it.

That’s when you know that the sand is magnetized.

Same is true for your life.

You act like a typical pile of sand with no defined direction or preference, then something happened in your life, perhaps you met someone or perhaps an event inspired and changed you completely.

In some sense you are magnetized, you are no longer the same. You took a new stance. You have a new orientation. You start anew. From the outside, people may say that you changed radically.

What happened was that you are elevated from your previous “normality”, your previous state of mind, your previous consciousness. You are magnetized, and exhilarated, and full of hope.

It doesn’t even matter what we word we use for this phenomenon of magnetization, in fact it has many names, such as transformation, shift, going in to the vertex, or as simple as the good old word, change.

Many possibilities opened up for you that you previously didn’t think was possible after you are magnetized.

Has this magnetization process happened to you yet?

If not keep on seeking, because you’ll find it and it will change your life forever.

For me, there are many such events, some seemed somewhat trivial on the surface, while others are significant and earth-shaking for me. One such recent event is the publication of my memoir, The Healing Journey. I will use this as an example to illustrate how to magnetize your life.

• The Initial Magnetization Process – Answer Your Inner Calling

Prior to writing this book, I was somewhat confused about my purpose. I was all over the place like sand would spread out randomly. It seemed that there were many possible directions I could go, but I was not set on a particular path.

Then I was mysteriously connected with my spirit guide, who informed me that I was destined to be the author of The Healing Journey, and this book will be my leverage to help others heal. I was shocked and shaken awaken.

I was seeking spiritual knowledge all along and I knew that there’s more in the world than what meets the eyes. However, to experience it first hand is life-changing. It’s never a question of whether or not the beyond physical is real anymore, but how to use this knowledge to help myself and others.

It was like the sand is being magnetized. It started to take on a new orientation. Something fundamentally changed, and it is irreversible.

You see, the first step of magnetizing your life is to answer your inner calling.

It does not have to come from a spirit guide, although in many instances it is the source but just showed up differently. It may come in many forms or under the disguise of events or people.

You can’t answer your inner callings by being deeply attached to worldly matters, there needs to be moments in your life where you quiet your conscious mind to feel something deeper inside of you.

When you heard your inner callings, you will have a feeling of resonance that this is something you ought to do no matter what. When you have this feeling, you are magnetized.

• View Things from a Whole New Perspective – Make Peace with Challenges

You are so determined to follow your inner calling and carry out the necessary actions. But guess what? There is a stubborn thing called physical reality.

Physical reality may not always be in your favor, especially if you are undergoing a great undertaking.

The challenges for me was that I would be a first-time author. I was totally new to this, I didn’t even know anything about publishing, nor did I have connections to the publishing world. One dose not even need to do much research to realize that the publishing world is very fierce.

I did not have the proper finances to invest in writing/editing and publishing a book either. Worse still, I did not have a spouse who shared my vision of writing a book.

However, what I did have, upon the magnetization, is determination and belief. I kept the dream within my vision, that was why I was able to conquer the many challenges.

To give you an idea of how tough it got. My check to a freelancer editor was nullified by my husband. It was a large check and I understood that my husband was coming from his point of view. Anyways, not only the check was nullified, I was kicked out of our joint bank account. Imagine the embarrassment and devastation I experienced.

Inside of me there was a burning desire to get my book to the best possible state and get it out to the world to inspire others; outside of me there were cold laughs, denial and rejection. Quite often that is what you face when you are carrying out a great undertaking that’s bigger than you.

I was taken aback initially and was really sad indeed. Then I asked myself some deeper questions.

What is this challenge all about?

Why was I chosen to accomplish the task of writing this book to enlighten others?

The challenge then fortified my goal, or rather I chose so.

I had this realization of why the mission of writing this book to enlighten others is given to me by the all-knowing Universe.

It is because I work towards my goal amidst adversity.
It is because I never give up in circumstances like this one.
It is my strong belief and sheer determination to accomplishment despite the challenges.
It is a sacred trust placed upon me by the all-knowing Universe.

I am only humbled to be able to completion the mission and share the same inspirations through my book.

It only made me appreciate my own qualities and I truly forgive my husband. It has nothing to do with him actually but everything to do with how I view myself and how I chose to view challenges.

I understand that whatever challenges you are going through, especially emotional ones with your loved ones, you have the choice of viewing it from a higher perspective.

With no one else understanding your vision, you become a lonely warrior, a warrior of your beliefs, a protector of your dream. But hang in there and trust yourself. Perhaps it’s the Universe’s way of testing you, and you know you will pass the test.

You know, when you are magnetized you will possess those mental qualities that enable you to continue in face of great challenges. After your initial magnetization, you are going to View Things From a Whole New Perspective, and Make Peace With Challenges.

In fact, your initial magnetization is your source of strength, so go back to it frequently and intensify your determination.

• Receive the Universe’s Help – You Are Never Alone

You see when you are magnetized, you are never alone. You are tuning in to the source energy, and the Universe will help you achieve your goals.

When you undergo a great undertaking not for selfish reasons but for healing and empower those in need, don’t you think the Universe has your best interest?

What else besides miracles could it bring you?

Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong. 
– A Course in Miracles


Miracles await you when you follow your inner calling with unshakable determination. You may encounter what seems like coincidences, and the coming together of like-minded people to assist you in your journey.

For me in my journey of publishing The Healing Journey, like I said I knew no one in the publishing world. When I tried to get a book agent to represent my book to publishers I had great difficulty.

My spirit guide informed me of an agent the Universe has in store for me. This agent is no ordinary, over 90% of the books she represented earned over 6 figure book deals. However, her free will was not in alignment with mine and I was prompted turn down, 3 times!

Why I did not take no for an answer and approached her 3 times?

It’s because it’s a Universal law. Three times would confirm the result. I would not give up until I thought exhausted the possibilities, this is the same type of spirit you will see in This Book.

When I was at the end of my rope, I encountered a “coincidence”.

I was on my way out of a local library to pick up my children from their dance, on my way out, I saw a sign that a local author’s book show is going on in the conference room. I hesitated whether or not I should go in because I only had 10min.

Next thing I knew I was inside the room. I was immediately attracted to the first author by the entrance. I saw a rare peace and calm in his face. His name is John White and he had written many spiritual books.

After a brief conversation with John, I had to go. I asked for his name card, on which it said Literary Agent

John had great faith in my book. Little did I know that he is the literary agent for a wildly successful author when he published his very first book.

Eventually John got my book to Rosemary Ellen Guiley from Visionary Living, Inc. Rosemary is a firm believer of my book and she loved the story with first sight. She saw it as a gem.

I am beyond grateful that the Universe had brought the right people at the right time to my life to help me accomplish the mission of writing this book. I often thought, and I had mentioned it in my book as well, that the ones who recognize your talents when your talents were not manifested yet, when you were a nobody, are the ones you should be most grateful for. Ponder on that for a few minutes.

As much inspiration as there is in the book, it wouldn’t be anything if The Healing Journey doesn’t reach you, dear reader, would it?

Therefore, if you read thus far and resonate with the message within, please go ahead and get this book here.

To summarize how to magnetize your life to achieve wonders:

• The Initial Magnetization Process – Answer Your Inner Calling

• View Things from a Whole New Perspective – Make Peace with Challenges

• Receive the Universe’s Help – You Are Never Alone

When you magnetize your life, there is no ocean too wide to cross, there is no mountain too high to climb, there is no challenge too difficulty to overcome.

The question is: Did you find your magnet yet?
The answer is: Look inside.

Could this article help you in anyway find your magnet?
Could The Healing Journey be something that enlightens you?

Get it Now

Sue Maisano is a healer and author of The Healing Journey. If you love the message in the article, please share it with someone you care. Together we’ll raise human consciousness and make the world a better place.

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