Can imaginations become real?
Can you use imagination to obtain higher information?
Can you benefit your life beyond imaginations with, you guessed it, imagination?

In the book Think and Grow Rich the author Napoleon Hill disclosed his way of getting higher information. Napoleon imaged a round-table of counselors composed of great men from history. Each night before he went to bed, he would hold an imaginary meeting with his counselors and ask each one of them to bring the desired trait to him.

He goes:

“Mr. Emerson, I desire to acquire from you the marvelous understanding of Nature which distinguished your life. I ask that you make an impress upon my subconscious mind, of whatever qualities you possessed, which enabled you to understand and adapt yourself to the laws of Nature. I ask that you assist me in reaching and drawing upon whatever sources of knowledge are available to this end.

Mr. Burbank, I request that you pass on to me the knowledge which enabled you to so harmonize the laws of Nature that you caused the cactus to shed its thorns, and become an edible food. Give me access to the knowledge which enabled you to make two blades of grass grow where but one grew before, and helped you to blend the coloring of the flowers with more splendor and harmony, for you, alone, have successfully gilded the lily.

Mr. Darwin, I wish to acquire from you the marvelous patience, and ability to study cause and effect, without bias or prejudice, so exemplified by you in the field of natural science.

Mr. Lincoln, I desire to build into my own character the keen sense of justice, the untiring spirit of patience, the sense of humor, the human understanding, and the tolerance, which were your distinguishing characteristics.

Mr. Carnegie, I am already indebted to you for my choice of a life-work, which has brought me great happiness and peace of mind. I wish to acquire a thorough understanding of the principles of organized effort, which you used so effectively in the building of a great industrial enterprise.

Mr. Ford, you have been among the most helpful of the men who have supplied much of the material essential to my work. I wish to acquire your spirit of persistence, the determination, poise, and self-confidence which have enabled you to master poverty, organize, unify, and simplify human effort, so I may help others to follow in your footsteps.

Mr. Edison, I have seated you nearest to me, at my right, because of the personal cooperation you have given me, during my research into the causes of success and failure. I wish to acquire from you the marvelous spirit of FAITH, with which you have uncovered so many of Nature’s secrets, the spirit of unremitting toil with which you have so often wrested victory from defeat.”

Over time it became scarily real to him and the characters he imagined seemed to have taken on life and gave Napoleon Hill brilliant advice in time of need. Napoleon Hill is someone who did not born with an ideal situation. In fact, he was orphaned at the age of 12 and he had to find a way to get out of poverty and get an education. His imagination was his biggest asset and brought him great success.

Napoleon Hill believed that when multiple like-minded people are coming together and blend their energies together there is a “Master Mind” formed that the entire group have access to. This Master Mind allow the group members to access the so called “six sense,” which Napoleon described as “that portion of the subconscious mind which has been referred to as the Creative Imagination. It has also been referred to as the ‘receiving set’ through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind. The ‘flashes’ are sometimes called ‘hunches’ or ‘inspirations.’”

In essence, Napoleon Hill tapped into higher source of information through imagination.

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How can one consciously seek out higher information?

One effective way is to use your imagination.

Use your imagination to “experience” getting your dream job. Don’t be concerned that there’s no sign that your dream job is coming.

Use your imagination to make yourself the business magnet you so wish you are. Don’t be distracted by the fact that your business is failing.

Use your imagination to create the feeling of a successful artist, sales person, author, marketer, loving wife, or whatever that is desirable to you.

Use your imagination to make real your invisible mentors, the brilliant men and women from human history or current.

Use your imagination to shift, shape, mold, and guide physical reality. Physical reality is only a crust of the outter reality while imagination is closer to the core of creation.

Don’t settle on the lot you see, here, touch, taste or feel with your physical apparatus. Go above and beyond with your magic wand, your imagination. There is no limit when you use your imagination. Go make it real. Go give life to your imagination. Your imagination will take you to unimaginable success.

Sue Maisano is a healer and author of The Healing Journey. If you love the message in the article, please share it with someone you care. Together we’ll raise human consciousness and make the world a better place.

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