In my recent public presentation at Cheshire library, CT I spoke of the illusion of time and how to transcend time. Since time is an illusion, one can rewrite their past stories to benefit their now. This was met with some resistance as people had a hard time understanding that they can rewrite their past.

First of all, there are many ways to transcend time other than rewriting your past. For example, you can look at your past with a different perspective, with expanded consciousness. By looking at the past with a greater understanding the past trauma will change meaning and won’t affect you the way it was before. Always focus on your learning. What did you learn from the experience, even if it was traumatic? By changing your perspective, you transcend time.

Different people have different understanding and different level of acceptance. So if rewriting your past is too far of a stretch for you, you can certainly simply look at your past with greater understanding. We all need to find methods that we feel most drawn to.

Now, about rewriting your past. One question I got from the audience, and this might be a common question from many people was, “What if someone asks about my past? Do I tell them my real past or the one I rewrite?”

I understand the concern from the audience. There seems to be an ethical issue here. I think what the audience wants to know is, is it lying when you tell people the story you rewrote instead of the “fact”? Isn’t it that your past led you to your now, therefore your “real past” is important to you?

Like I presented in the talk, the past is a mind projection into the now, it is an illusion. It was real back then when it was the “now”, meaning when the event happened in real time. Once it becomes a “past”, the event became possibilities, just like future events.

We can easily understand that the future exists in possibilities because it hadn’t yet made an impression in our mind yet. However, the past is also possibilities. The reason we don’t accept it as possibilities is because our mind “registered” the event. The mind tightly gripped onto the registered event and took that as the only possibility. Our mind “fixes” the past just as our observation/consciousness fix quantum particles into “particles” instead of being wave probabilities.

You keep telling yourself your past stories, fixing your past while ignoring alternative realities, other possibilities that could have happened. Not only you, but everyone around you also helps you maintain that illusion by bringing it up again and again, reinforcing what you were before and what you are capable of doing right now.

By fixing your past you limit your now; you are living a linear life. You are just the same old you running into different life situations, making the same type of limiting choices.

Does your past lead to your now?
No it does not! Your mind does!

Only your mind determines where you are now, and that’s why you need to change your mind about your past to change your now. Whatever the past was does not matter, it was the interpretation by the mind that does.

Giving the past a different meaning or rewriting your past are the tools you have to transcend time. Time is a tool and an illusion.

If you experienced past trauma, when you rewrite your past, you totally change the story. For example the trauma never happened, and you lived a very nurturing life instead. By impressing this new reality into your mind you shift your now, which is your point of creation.

You may still ask is it lying to tell the story you rewrote when people ask about your past?

When people indeed ask about your past, simply be aware of what you are about to do. When they ask you, are they trying to judge who you are by what you experienced in the past? What is the purpose of revealing past trauma in this situation? Is it for practical reasons such as inquired by court or police or random chat? Are you going to be somewhat detached from past trauma or will you reinforce it? Of course, you can give the story as you experienced on the physical plane, instead of your story rewritten. Will this contradict your mental work of rewriting your past stories? Only to the extent you allow it to be.

On the other hand, if you tell the story you rewrote in a casual conversation with new friends because to your mind that is real, let’s assume that you had done enormous amounts of mental work and completely believe that the new story was you past. Then congratulations, you have mastered your mind!

You see, it is your intention that counts.

Now it is easy to understand this extreme case. For example, a criminal being asked about their past. Should they tell people the story they rewrote, in which they did not commit felony? Like I said before it is the intention that’s important. If they simply wanted to get away with their felony with the story they rewrote, then obviously it’s deceiving. There’s no one to fool but themselves. They continues to hurt other beings and eventually reap what they sow. Their purpose here was not to transcend time and heal themselves but a malicious intention.

But on the other hand, this criminal did enormous amount of mental work and completely changed their mind about their past. They told others about the past they rewrote because that’s true in their mind (this requires an enormous amount of mental work and is not an easy task). Let’s just assume that they somehow achieved that and become a good fellow, someone useful to society and others. In that case, they are a mind master and were totally reborn! If everyone can do that the world will be so much better!

Should you tell others the story you rewrote of your past or tell the “real” story that happened? It’s completely up to you. I say it’s not even necessary to think of the past unless for practical reasons. Letting go is not easy but it’s doable.

So far we mentioned two methods to transcend time: 1) give the past a different meaning. 2) rewrite your past. Another important method at your disposal, with the understanding of time is an illusion, is 3) completely let go of your past and live fully in the now. Use as many methods as you can mentally accept to transcend time for your greater goods.

Know that with every breath you take you have the opportunity to be reborn. Let go of that past if it drags you down. Know that right here and right now you are a new person every single second.

Often times we talk about our past in our conversations. Not only we maintain our past we allow others to maintain our past for us. By constantly revisiting our past we have the false sense of “identity”. We let our past defines and dictates us. We let our past define what we are capable of now, and what will be in our future. I say that you don’t have to limit yourself like that. Use the illusion of time wisely.

Your past only affects you to the extent you allow it to. Allow yourself to create with total freedom now, with no strings attached to the “past”, or “future”. Set yourself FREE!

Sue Maisano is a healer and author of The Healing Journey. If you love the message in the article, please share it with someone you care. Together we’ll raise human consciousness and make the world a better place.

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