Relationship is a big part of our life. Relationship with other people and with ourselves tell us a lot about who we are. Often times due to misunderstandings we felt that someone hurt us or we unintentionally hurt other people. For many people to forgive wrong-dos from others is extremely hard if not possible. It is because of the selfish ego.

To truly forgive others requires you to understand that the person who hurt you has the capacity for good deeds, that he/she is a soul being just like you and doing harm is never their true intention. Even if it seemed that he/she indeed intended to harm you, you can still pity him/her because he/she was so confused and caught up in thinking by harming you they became happy. They are so foolish that they had a long way for their personal development to achieve higher understanding.

I am not religious but I found the story of Jesus showing love and compassion towards the people who hung him very touching. It demonstrated the power of forgiveness.

Can you forgive someone acting from a lower perspective? Someone so out of sync with their soul which only knows love? Isn’t it someone you should have empathy for?

Another important factor for forgiving others is to be able to let go. Whatever had happened in the past is already passed, and by letting go you free yourself from the perceived hurt from someone else. It will no longer influence you or haunt you down. Therefore, forgiving others is to forgive yourself, it will release you from the mental trap.

What if what you did in the past hurt someone else? Mentally ask, with sincerity, for forgiveness and let go. The fact that you sincerely ask for forgiveness is the sign that you learned the lesson and is ready to mentally move on.

Whether you forgive others or ask to be forgiven, you don’t necessarily need to talk to the other person face to face, or talk to them at all, because what you are seeking is a mental release from the past. What is important is that you let go and move on with strength. Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person but everything to do with you, it is in your mind.