Creation IS

What I mean by that is when you desire something it is immediately given to you vibrationally. The Universe delivers what you desire, no questions asked, no judgement. It is only on our conscious level that we mess things up, make it complicated, or even negate it and make it impossible.

Since we were young we were “brainwashed” to draw our value from outside of us, from parents and guardians, from superiors, and those around us. We don’t draw our own value from inside of us; we forget that it is not by doing but by simply being, that we are intrinsically worthy.

You do not need anything outside of you to confirm or prove your worthiness. You can desire anything grand because you are absolutely worthy of it.

With our development and education under the great emphasis of our left-brain thinking, we developed logical thinking and reasoning. We were trained to use our left brain predominantly. Whatever we want there has to be a reason or justification.

The left brain seeks logic and reasoning

Logic & Reasoning
Critical thinking

The right brain is creative


For example,

I want a bigger house since my old one is so small,
I want a new job because my current one sucks,

You get the idea.

By stating your desire, your wants and needs, you are asking the Universe for what you desire. The Universe has heard you. But ending your sentence by giving a reason of your desire, such as how bad your current situation is, is actually tuning into your current low energy imprint and sustains it.

It’s like ending a sentence with “but.” You don’t even need to know what’s before the “but”, it is what you state after “but” that counts.

Same is true when you deliver messages to the Universe. You want to be consistently higher vibrationally. You can’t get where you want to be if you block your energy at where you are currently at.

Some people might be a step further, instead of restating their current situation as the reason why they desire what they desire, they may state the benefits of the new future reality.

For example,

I want a bigger house, it will give me more rooms,
I want a new job, it will provide my family with more income.

This is future paced, and it starts to tune in to the energy of the new reality, IF you are indeed tuned into a pleasant feeling of your desire coming true. Often times our words and our energies do not even match, but this is out of scope of this healing article.

Frequently the desires we expressed is still reasoning and logic based.

If you perceive yourself as on a certain level, then you want the next logical thing. The reasoning and logic is embedded unconsciously. What you desire is logically tied to what you currently have.

A person with poor mindset only wants slightly more than what they currently have.

And indeed you cannot travel outside your comfort zone, outside of your own acceptance of perception. That’s why when people with poor money mindset are given a large sum of money they are mentally afraid to accept it. Think about how many lottery winners go broke after a few years; they simply cannot create and sustain the mental state that allows money to stay.

The point being, most of us are living a linear life. Our future is determined by our past in a linear and predictable fashion.

Because we unconsciously allow our current mental state to be determined by our past, and we project it to the future, we create in a linear fashion, in a small and very limited way.

There is a better way to create. But first you need to soften the left brain thinking and let go of reasoning and logical just a little because creation IS.

Creation IS. End of sentence.

The Universe does not judge you, argue with you, or limit you what you can and cannot achieve, the Universe loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. Therefore you can ask abundantly without ANY constraints.

However, you judge yourself, and this judgement comes from the human ego or left brain thinking, and this is what confines you of what you can and cannot achieve.

Whatever reason you provide to the Universe to justify what you want only tied you down to small ways of creation limited by human left-brain thinking.

What this means is that when you desire something, you do not need to provide the Universe a reason WHY you want it. The Universe does not need you to justify it, otherwise it wouldn’t be unconditional love. 

You want it and there it is!

What you can desire, what you can achieve is not limited by your past, not confined by any label you have acquired, any possession you had or lack of. Some people call breaking through their own conceived confinement achieving their human potential, I think it is appropriate.

As I reflect upon my own life, born and raised in a poor rural part of China, I dared to dream to come to the US when in college. I was called unrealistic and crazy by my friends. In logical thinking, this dream indeed had NO foundations. However, creation does not work logically. Great achievements are made with what seemed like bold dreams and actions.

Creation IS. Ask, and it is given. Don’t be afraid to ask abundantly. Ask with no attachment to anything outside of you, ask from your soul.

Since most people don’t understand this, they keep on creating in a small linear way and afraid to ask for good things, which makes the graveyard the richest place.

The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream. ― Les Brown

However, there’s a fabulous illusion called TIME.

Between the moment you received your desire vibrationally at the moment of your asking, delivered nonjudgmentally by the mighty Universe, and the moment what you desire becomes physically tangible and perceivable (can be seen, heard, touched, smelled, felt by all intelligent beings including humans. In other words, physical manifesation) there is a gap called TIME.

TIME is a wonderful illusion. It is a test of whether or not you truly desire the thing you said you desire.

As TIME unfolds into events and happenings, you may actually change your mind and determine that what you stated you desired was no longer true.

You may not be aware that you getting worried/anxious that the thing you desired may never come is a firm determination that you do not want it. The moment you feel the LACK of the thing you desired is tuning into the energy of not having it, and you are delivering the message of not wanting it to the Universe. Therefore, what you initially desired will not manifest or it takes a very long TIME or even eternity, which means NEVER because you are in a constant energetic tug of war.

By now you may have realized the importance of PATIENCE.

It does magic, it closes the gap called TIME. With patience comes mental consistency and true trust. I love the phrase from A Course in Miracles: infinite patience delivers immediate results. Patience truncates time!

TIME is a wonderful test tool. To truncate time and manifest your desire with least resistance, practice putting yourself in the mental state of absolute certainty. Indeed, time is a tool for testing our TRUST in our own abilities to create.

Tune into the mental state of after your desire come true, with no contradictory thoughts. This often times means stay away from reasoning and logic. Again, creation IS. No judgement.

The mind is not confined by TIME. When you imagine an outcome, it is happening vibrationally. You are making that higher vibrational energy part of who you are. The physical world will align itself to your new vibrational nature, and use TIME to unfold the events and happenings.

Therefore, you need to imagine a scenario, event, situation of what would happen AFTER your desire has already realized. Make it real in your mind with all your internal sensory modalities. Build up the memory of sensations of your desired outcome as if it has already happened.  

The purer your energy alignment with your desired new reality the faster it comes to you on the physical plane.

To summarize,

Creation is. Ask and ask BIG, ask in a way that is not tied to your past

Practice patience, trust, and consistency in your energy offerings to truncate time

Tune into the imagined future desirable outcome to draw it closer to you energetically

Creation IS. Ask and it is given. Take it for granted. Play like a kid. Don’t be afraid to ask. The Universe loves you unconditionally. Any condition is self-imposed. You are limitless. Live your life to your FULL potential!

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