You may not know it but you are navigating life within a barrier. You have never crossed this barrier. In fact, all your thinking, feelings and actions are within limits of this barrier. This limitation is called your own conscience. Some call it a belief system. They’re the same thing.

Let me tell you a true story that will give credence to this very abstract concept: your conscience is your limitation.

There were two neighbors, one of whom I was remotely connected. The woman of one house had just found a job before her neighbor started arguing with her. They disagreed about the border between their houses, both claiming the extra few inches belonged to them.

Not able to convince her neighbor, this woman quit her job so she could focus on the fight and go to court. Both of them suffered greatly because of this argument and no one would give in.

For us looking from the outside, we may laugh at how silly they are. Giving up a job to dedicate on some useless fight? However, to those involved, they took it really seriously, almost like life or death choices. Do you see that they are confined to their mental “barriers”? They simply cannot navigate outside this barrier and see things in a different light. They appear to us “stuck”.

They are not alone though. We are all confined in a sort of “barrier”. It’s different for each of us. Often times it’s much easier to see other people’s “barriers” but not our own. 

I’m apolitical, but for the sake of understanding I will just use politics as an example. Have you seen people who are so dedicated to a particular politician that they say bad things about the opposing politicians? The interesting thing is that both politicians have strong followers, and their followers only see their candidates’ “good” side, while the “bad” side is “watered down” or ascribed as “oh, that’s just being human”. 

We are all navigating within our mental boundaries. We may see other people’s “limit” but not our own, because we are the ones judging and using our own inaccurate ruler to measure things. Conscience is your boundary.  

To the majority of people, we may view a prostitute as dirty and shameful because that’s the content within our conscience. To the enlightened ones like Buddha, a prostitute is as pure as everyone else. He shows compassion to each and every one with no differentiation. He sees purity in everything and everyone while the rest of us judges harshly. We only perceive what our conscious holds, we are confined by our own conscience. 

Until our conscience is expanded and keep on expanding, we are always navigating within our own invisible boundaries. Everything is interpreted within the limitation. We measure things up by our own rulers that’s crooked in the first place. We each live in separate realities projected by our own conscience because of our unique perceptions. 

Start today, explore your own conscience, examine your beliefs. Soften your judgements. See the perfection in things and people. You will create a much better world. We will create a much better world. 

Sue Maisano is a healer and author of The Healing Journey. If you love the message in the article, please share it with someone you care. Together we’ll raise human consciousness and make the world a better place.

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