You can’t change your experience unless you fundamentally change your thinking.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

– Einstein

All problems are consciousness problems, and you can’t solve them without rising higher in your understanding.

How would you feel if you take control of your emotions and turn your relationship around to loving and nurturing? 

How happy will be you when no one can trigger you anymore?

Hi, my name is Sue Maisano, and I am your spiritual life coach. 

What you will get my 12 weeks one on one spiritual life coaching?


In our 12 weeks journey together you will get 12 weekly deep dive coaching sessions via phone or zoom video call. Each session lasts one hour.

The first 6 lessons are a combination of unique teachings and personalized coaching. The remaining 6 sessions are personalized coaching.

Guided meditations are used when necessary to uncover deeply buried emotional wounds.

The teahcings you are getting are:


How does your thought create your reality: five steps to uncover the real source of pain


Remove your buttons: no one can hurt you anymore


Who you really are: take back your power once and for all


Tap into your inner guidance system


Compassion and inner peace is possible


Loving it all

Let’s Chat and see how I can help you!