Relationship is such a big part of our lives, and romantic relationship can make or break us. Maintaining our emotional balance is crucial for a harmonious relationship, a happy life.

Today I want to share with you Ben’s story.

Ben came to me a few months ago feeling miserable, he had what he called man “periods”. He would get really moody and reactive towards his girlfriend.

In some instances when they met up at his girlfriend’s workplace on some weekend, she’s a nurse, trying to spend the lunch time she had, he felt left alone while his girlfriend chatted away with her coworker the entire time, on purpose according to Ben. It was as if Ben was air and was invisible.

Ben was “brewing” inside, but he was afraid to share how he really felt. He felt that his girlfriend doesn’t listen to him and always denies his feelings.

When they spent the little time together Ben complains that his girlfriend was always on the phone.

Ben felt neglected and not taken seriously, yet he can’t even bring it up to his girlfriend.

Worse still, he did not feel a deep connection with her. It was as if they stayed together for the sake of staying together. He was simply going with the motion, aimlessly.

Ben was on the verge of breaking up with his girlfriend. His energy was so low and he lost hope on relationships. He felt like he was pouring his heart out but getting no returns. He was perioding, he joked while we were talking.

When we worked together, I helped Ben see how his mind creates his reality and how he can better manage his emotions towards his girlfriend. I helped him use the power of the law of attraction to create harmony in his relationship.

Things started to shift when Ben can shift his own inner being. He’s NOT triggered like the way before.

He started to spend meaningful time together with his girlfriend. Ben seems to be more understanding of his girlfriend being a single mother, working fulltime with a young kid. He stopped responding reactively, instead he was more understanding, caring and forgiving. More importantly, he is mindful in his relationship and can express his feelings in a way that’s not “unpleasant” or blaming.

Now they happily moved in together!

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ― Anais Nin

Relationships is such a big part of our lives! We are in constant interaction with others, and through the interaction we learn important things about ourselves.

Relationship really is a reflection of yourself…

Born in a poor Chinese village, Sue Maisano defied all odds and transformed her own life to become an American scientist and subsequently hypnotist, spiritual life coach, and business coach.

Sue believes that ANYONE can achieve great things, overcome traumas, create and maintain a harmonious relationship, build a successful business etc, when you align with your soul’s purpose and draw upon your inner power.

Sue helps people become the master of their emotions, improve relationships, and build an online business in alignment with your life’s purpose.


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