Most people think of channeling as heebie-jeebie, they think of it as going to their local tarot reader or some other thing, where you go in pay some lady wearing some sort of turner coat on her head using a bunch of tarot cards, ultimately paying your money to play with spirits.

Movies have not helped this matter in any way, as it seems that they keep on portraying them: some shady characters only looking to make a fast buck. This is the farthest thing from the truth, and we can prove it because we’ve actually done it.

Channeling is a Mental feat of Tuning in to Higher Consciousness

and Bringing Forth Higher Information to Benefit Your Life.

You see, channeling involves actually quieting the conscious mind to a point of the subconscious, which perceives much more than we ever do. It allows us to pick up messages from the Universe.

This is no simple task because most people’s conscious dictate their every action, but you don’t realize that your subconscious mind is actually playing a HUGE part in your life.

Take driving for example.

Don’t you ever listen to a great tune or ponder on a random thought in your head?

You simply don’t pay attention to the road. Suddenly a car short stops and the next thing you know you’re slamming on the brakes. Well, how did you do that?

Your conscious mind is focused completely on something else, you should have been in a bad car accident by then.

The answer is your subconscious mind, which understood the general background far more than you thought, is paying attention to the road. At the same time, the subconscious mind is making sure your body was functioning and that the worries that you have are being chronicled and organized.

There’s so much going on behind the scenes that you don’t realize it.

People who have had bad issues happening in their life, whether that be abuse and other forms of things, don’t realize that the subconscious mind plays a role in every critical decision there is. It is amazing how much it actually plays a role in our lives.

However, when one is able to quiet conscious mind they will see that they open a door to things that they never thought possible.

The subconscious mind actually DOES know how to speak, it just needs to be guarded. It will speak and speak quite correctly many times when you actually give it food for thought.

It’s like a mental exercise that needs to be honed.

Many people start off not being able to understand anything that I am writing, and by the time they’re done are able to actually do self channeling, which involves going into a certain state on their own and actually being able to use their subconscious mind for answers.

The subconscious mind is a key to tap into the Universe;

it’s like a highway where you’re directly on a path to the ultimate greater good.

We don’t think of it that way because we’re so busy in our day-to-day lives.

Think about it this way, imagine you had a room which had a bunch of mirrors and one door. If you’re able to cover all the mirrors you wouldn’t be distracted, you’d be able to simply open the door.

But if each mirror reflected the door, you wouldn’t know where to go, would you? Once you cover those mirrors you can simply find the door and just open it.

We never think of it like that, however, that’s the truth of our lives.

The real world, as important as it is, is simply reflects just like the mirror.

The subconscious which truthfully represents the door to the universe seems to be far away from us.

Nothing the World Believes is True.    – A Course in Miracles

However, when you cover reality, which is like covering those mirrors, the next thing you know you find the door. When you open that door, so much awaits you that you don’t even realize.

For example, take what we did together; Sue and I, we’re able to simply quiet our minds to be able to focus on writing a book. Most people don’t think you can do it this way, however, self-speaking is so important. You speak so much faster than you write.

How does one channel what is going through his head into a successful story?

The answer is, you quiet the conscious mind which dictates all these distractions in our life – some important, some not important. Once you have that all quieted out you’re able to focus on the story.

If you look and you read about the way this book was published, A Love Destiny * (see the note for details), you will see something amazing. The idea came when the universe gave us insight; almost to the point of complete accuracy. We were able to then use that as a fictional book which many people will enjoy.

As time goes on and channeling becomes more popular, people will see that ultimately this is a great form of self-healing that can be tapped by anybody who really wants to do it.

Here is a video showing exactly how we wrote A Love Destiny.

Note: A Love Destiny is a novel written by Charles Rappaport and Sue Maisano. The idea of the book was given by the Universe, and before one word was uttered the entire book was already there. Our role was to channel it to the physical plane. By the time this blog article was written A Love Destiny was about to be completed, and we haven’t approached publishers yet. Notice the wording in the blog post that takes it for granted that this book is already published, that’s because time does not exist in the subconscious mind, and therefore on the deeper level this book had already manifested. Do you see how marvelous the mind is?

PS: A Love Destiny is Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other major platforms. Order your copy today!


Born in a poor Chinese village, Sue Maisano defied all odds and transformed her own life to become an American scientist and subsequently hypnotist, spiritual life coach, and business coach.

Sue believes that ANYONE can achieve great things, overcome traumas, create and maintain a harmonious relationship, build a successful business etc, when you align with your soul’s purpose and draw upon your inner power.

Sue helps people become the master of their emotions, improve relationships, and build an online business in alignment with your life’s purpose.


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