The first time I heard the phrase  believing is seeing  I was shocked and taken aback. It sounded too odd since seeing is believing has melted into my mind. Reversing the two seems to strike a discord and simply bazaar.

However, as time passes and with the accumulation of knowledge, experiences, and wisdom, I can’t agree more with the saying that believing is seeing.

A simple everyday example may remind you of this concept. A woman who is a young mother of 3 who owns businesses – a busy person obviously, posted on social media of her lean, muscular, and hot body while working out (PS: not me, at least not yet). It struck such a stir on social media, with many women praising her, yet many women criticizing her for fat shaming.

It is the same event, that the woman posted a photo of her, yet the responses were so diverse, ranging from admiration to hatred. What is the difference between the women/men who responded to the same event with such striking differences?

Their beliefs!

What they believe is what they see. If they believe that someone else showing their photos of a beautiful body is in fact fat shaming others, then that is what they see. If they believe that the same event demonstrated what is possible for them as well, they see inspirations. The event does not change itself, it is the perceptions that makes up the meanings. And what you perceive is true to you.

Believing is seeing.
Your beliefs create your personal experiences.
What you hold in mind is exactly what you will see in the outside world.

Many may have witnessed, or at least heard of, the magic of stage hypnosis. Apart from its entertaining values, it also demonstrates how one’s mind can be changed instantaneously and how the profound power of changing beliefs in the mind changes our perceptions and create experiences accordingly.

A stage hypnotist may hypnotize volunteers on stage and make them believe that a lemon is a sweet juicy apple. This belief, that a lemon is a sweet juicy apple, given at the deep subconscious level enables the volunteers to happily eat a lemon, with the same bodily reactions to eating a sweet juicy apple. Can you believe that? When the internal belief is changed in the mind, it goes outwards and create the experience matching what is believed!

To what extent is belief though? Anything you hold in mind as true! I will say that again, anything you hold in mind as true is a belief. Since everything you hold in mind as true is a belief, it means that you can change your mind and create better experiences, if you understand how to change old sabotaging beliefs or set up new beneficial ones effectively.

When you change your beliefs, the outer will match your belief because there is no other choice. It is a universal law called the Law of Attraction. You won’t be able to use the law of attraction purposefully and consciously unless you understand that believing is seeing. Believing is seeing is the foundation of deliberate conscious creations. Perhaps no one is better as showing us that what you see depends on what you believe better than the contest queen Helene Hadsell.

This woman had won over 3000 prizes in her life, including a house and 5 trips to Europe. She had never failed, that is to say for every contest she entered she won in her entire life. What she did was she entered a meditative state of mind, the state of mind that’s receptive to suggestions, and imagined that she won the prize for the contest she entered. What she was doing was to set up the belief of her winning in the deeper parts of her mind. She did not entertain any thought of doubt. Then she acted with the expectation of the thing coming to her.

Believing is seeing has great implications for you and me. Everything you hold in mind as true is a belief, and you can change what you believe. If in any area of life that you don’t like, set up the belief of your desired outcome coming to you. Eliminate self-doubt, since it’s your biggest enemy.

Many people rely on what they see to draw conclusions and then from that they will believe or not believe. They say show me the evidence, then I will believe. Conscious creation should not be confused with scientific thinking. What you currently see is the manifestation of your previous beliefs. What you believe now will determine what you are going to see.

Many people feed their beliefs with what they see with their eyes, what they hear with their ears, or any inputs from other physical modalities. They create in a backward fashion, and that’s why the vast majority of people are thinking in a linear fashion instead of creating from the inside out. Your mind holds your greatest power, and you direct your life with your what you believe. You believe, then you see. Believing is see.

What are you believing and seeing?