As you sit down trying to pay your bills, are you stressed that there won’t be much left after you pay the bills? As your child asks for that beautiful dress or a toy he/she fell in love with at the first sight, are you grinding your teeth and trying to talk them out of it because you can’t afford it? Are you scratching your head as you think about the money to spend for your cousin’s wedding, Christmas, or any other occasion that’s coming up? Are you constantly scared of not being able to pay for the next month’s bills that you deprive yourself of any fun activities?

Perhaps all your life you had been thinking that, “There is never enough”. Maybe it had been so since your birth, or as early as you could remember.

To get one thing you had to refrain from another, because in your mind there is a set of amount of money that’s available to you. Similarly, you think that one person’s wealth is at other people’s expenses, because you think that there is only so much to go around in this world. Worse still, you think that rich people are bad and filthy, and that’s how they get rich in the first place.

If you are dominated by these types of thoughts when it comes to money, it means that you are running your life with the idea of limitations, restrictions, and scarcity. Because money issue is not really about money per se.

To get out of the trap of scarcity one would need to understand how abundance is created.

There is not a single gold mine that everyone has to compete digging in order to get rich. Money does not flow through limited pipelines but through unlimited channels. Each of us creates our own abundance, and the Universe is the supplier. Anyone who intents for abundance and allows it will get it. In common sense, we all want/desire/intent for abundance but it is the allowing part that’s screwing it up. In other words, most people block it and do not allow it to happen.

Imagine that there is a waterfall (the supply from the Universe), and each of us go there to fetch our own water. Some go with a large barrel, some go with a teaspoon!

The abundance is there all along, but the problem is the vessel you obtain it with. With a small container, you get only a little; with a medium-sized vessel you get medium amount; with a large vessel, you get a lot. It is not a matter of supply, only a matter of your capacity to receive.

Regardless of your current situation, when you say I want money do you feel abundance? Do you feel the joy and richness that money could bring? Do you feel excited? If you feel these positive energies then money is on your way in manifestation. However, if you feel the lack of money when you say I want money, when you turn in to the energy of not having it or frustrated to get it, you are pushing money away from you. It is the law of attraction. The type of thought that you have and the feeling generated will draw onto you what you are a good match for.

However, when you say I want money you are most likely coming from a place of lack, you are speaking of the need and feeling the pain of not having it. When you do that, remind yourself to reframe your mind to start imagining the abundance and freedom that you will have. Imagination is such a thing that it does not depend upon what you currently have or experience. Feel the excitement and joy of being abundant, then you are a good match for money. It will be on your way with your consistent and deliberate thinking.

The following is a money affirmation from Abraham, A New Beginning I

“There has not been enough. That had been my experience. But that was before I understood what I understand now. Now, I know that there is enough, for I see it in others. I see others doing things with money that I would not do. I know that there is an abundance of money. And I know that I will find a way to begin attracting it into my experience. There is enough. It is just that I have not, to this point, attracted it, and I am in the process of doing that, now. I know that there is enough. I know that there is more than enough.

I know that there is not one ‘pot of gold’ that everyone must dip into. But that we are creators of abundance, and the Universe will supply all that is wanted by all of us who will allow it.

And so, I see this never-ending waterfall of abundance, and while I have gone to the waterfall, most of my life, with a very little container, I am recognizing, now, that it has only been that I have taken a very small container. There is enough for all of us. I am not depriving another if I take a larger container. It is not that it is not there, it is that I have not taken a large enough container to allow more. And so, now I am. I am opening a wider passageway for the receiving of more abundance.

And while there has not been enough in the past, there will be more than enough in the future, for that is my current desire, and I am creator of my experience. There is more than enough. There is more than enough. THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. There is more than enough! There is more than enough!”

Open the passageway to allow the never-ending streams of abundance into your life now.