Meet Sue Maisano

Born in a poor Chinese village, Sue Maisano defied all odds and transformed her own life to become an American scientist and subsequently hypnotist, energy healer, and meditation teacher with a loving husband and three beautiful children.

Her captivating story is documented in her memoir The Healing Journey.

Sue believes that ANYONE can achieve great things, overcome illnesses, create and maintain a harmonious relationship, build a successful business etc, when you align with your soul’s purpose and draw upon your inner power.

Change starts in your mind first.

Your perception of reality and your perception of yourself must change first in order for the outer environment to shift and transform. Create a reality in your mind that’s not dictated by anything outside of you but your calling within.

Too often we draw our own worth from outside of us, from other people’s opinions of us, or from event happenings and circumstances surrounding us.

We have been programmed unconsciously since Conception, at a time when our conscious mind is not yet developed, when the mighty subconscious mind is all there is without a filter.

Such strong programming, usually while in the womb or in early childhood until around age 7, has a profound yet hidden effect on your entire life, on your overall health, your relationships, and your perception of finances.

You may be also under subtle influences of past lives.

You are never born a blank piece of paper.


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What thoughts are you holding onto subconsciously that manifested as dis-ease?

What is blocking you from reaching your wildest dreams?

Why do you feel the way you do with your loved one?

What is stopping you from reaching your goals?

 Once the hidden cause is discovered and let go of, whatever you are suffering is no longer needed because it will have served its purpose: to call your conscious attention for resolution.

The mind not only controls our health, relationships and success, it also holds the key to our full potential. Your capabilities are limitless when you tune in to your intuition, imagination, memory, and creativity. You can also reach for help from 100% pure Divine spiritual beings, ascended masters, and source energy.

You are never alone.

Sue is interested in and never stops learning in these areas: hypnosis healing, energy healing, mediumship, channeling, genius mind training, meditation workshops, spiritual coaching, and business coaching. 

Sue is passionate about helping you get back on track with your life, obtain optimal health, and achieve your full potential. Schedule your 15min FREE consultation today!

Sue Maisano and Family

Sue’s Core Values & Beliefs


The Power is Within YOU

If someone say they could help you but they do not help you tap into your own power within, they are not actually helping you but taking advantage of you. The power is within YOU! It is in your MIND.


Everything is Vibrational Energy

To achieve what you want, whether it is perfect health, loving relationships, success, or abundance, you need to first match the vibrational energy level of that you desire. Be mentally there first, then the outside will SHIFT to match what you hold inside.


We Are All ONE

Like leaves from a huge tree, they may span a wide range, yet they come from and are nourished by the same root. Whether you feel it or not we are derived from the same SOURCE, just like different leaves stem from the same tree. The same God/Infinite Intelligence/Source Energy/All-That-Is is experiencing and learning through each of us individuals to gain wisdom from different perspectives.


Love is The Ultimate Source of Healing

Love is the highest energy vibration, it is where everything springs from. Love makes it possible for truly letting go, complete trust, self-acceptance, self-appreciation, forgiveness of oneself or another being. Love ATTUNES you to your spiritual self and enables miracles.


Your Consciousness is Your Only Reality

Your consciousness is your only reality since there is no ABSOLUTE reality, only perceived realities. Any limitation is self-imposed. Believing is seeing. Your belief forms the boundaries within which you create your personal realities. Physical reality is a mirror of what you hold in your consciousness within.