As soul beings living a human life, as we all are as a species of homo sapiens, the real communication vehicle is Energy, not any words that we know of. Language, any language ie English, Chinese, French or any other language you can name, is simply a tool to carry predefined meanings that we assigned thousands of years ago. Language is very necessary until we evolve into a higher consciousness where telepathy, or you can think of it as mind transfer, is possible under all circumstances. But before that time comes, language is essential for communication purposes. However, let’s keep in mind the essence of using language, which is to convey meanings and energy.

Words, having their roots and definitions, carry with them energies. While we talk, we are consciously or most often unconsciously trying to choose the “right” words to match the meaning we want to convey. On the other hand, when we use a particular word, we are tuning into the energy of it, consciously or unconsciously. The listeners do the opposite, they have to extract the meaning from the words being used and mentally “translate” it into the raw energies carried within the words. This is done unconsciously from deep within the mind. As a vehicle, language serves the purpose of helping with the communication.

Sometimes we convey meanings which we do not mean, by accidentally unconsciously chose the “wrong” words. This causes misunderstandings in others since it triggers something we did not mean. It could hurt relationships, unbeknown to the person who unconsciously used the wrong words. There certainly is art and science in choosing the right words to trigger the desired mental states during communication, as is the subject of study by Neural Linguistic Programming, NLP. The link between language and the mental states triggered is beyond the scope of this article, but I think it’s important to point out the often-neglected fact that the words we use carry with them energies that trigger particular feelings and emotions.

However, there is another type of miscommunication which I would like to focus in this article, and that is the communication of your desires to higher consciousness for manifestation and creation of your desired goals.

We know the universal law, the law of attraction, and it works without fail. We communicate to the universe what we desire, and by aligning to the desired energy it will attract the desired results to you. You know how often you don’t get what you wanted. Where is the mansion that you desired? Where is the sweet ideal date you are so dying to meet? And where is the money to pay the bills?

Why can’t you get what you stated you want?

Think about what we have covered so far, the triggering of feelings and emotions by the words we choose unconsciously. When you try to create your desired outcome, how do you communicate to the Universe?

Yes you can think of the Universe sort of like a person, and you are communicating to Him (I do not mean man here with the word Him; let me define the meaning here, it is a genderless being) what you desire. To get your ideas across to the Universe, who by the way is always listening and responding to you, you need to beware of the energies you are tuning into and conveying. Remember, energy is the means to communication, and language is merely your tool. To mean what you really desire and begin attracting it to your life, there are 5 “dangerous” words you need to cross off your vocabulary and avoid deliberately. It will become easy to understand once I list them and explain to you their roots and energies carried within.

  1. WANT

This is a word that has been overused so often unconsciously without thinking so much about it.

I want money.

I want a new car.

I want a soul mate.

I want a new job.

… …

This list goes on and on. We each have endless things that we want. But what does the word “want” really convey? What meaning does it carry beyond the surface? And what type of energies are you tuning into when you ask the Universe for what you want?

The meaning of want is lack! When you say you want something most often you are conveying the lack of that particular thing and you are tuning into the energy of lack. Take “I want money” for example. You say to the Universe that you want money, but what you are really saying is that you do not have money. You are simply stating a fact that is representative of your current energy instead of conveying your true desires. Therefore, the Universe will delivery to you what you have communicated, which is more lack.

You may argue that you do not really mean lack when you choose the word “want”. Think about it again carefully and consciously. When you say “I want money” are you thinking of the fact that you don’t have enough? Are you a little uneasy or even upset that you don’t have plenty? Are you even doubting where you can get the money that you want? Do you mentally say “it’s impossible to get money” when you utter “I want money”? Or are you thinking of pleasure experiences like hanging out on the beach being totally relax and happy? Here you got it. You know what type of energy you are tuning into when you say “I want…”

It could be health that you want, or money, or better relationships, or better anything that you currently do NOT have. Consciously and deliberately choose a better word other than want. Stop using this word unconsciously and thoughtlessly. The effect? You may just get what you wanted imagined!

PS: it is not the word per se, but the energy that you are tuning into that matters. More often than not you are unconsciously turning into the energy of the word being chosen unconsciously. Therefore, become aware of this hidden process and deliberately choose words with higher energy so that you can start to change your reality towards your desires!