As society keeps advancing fast we might easily lose sight of how money was created in the first place and why we use it and what it means to have money. The simplicity of money is covered up by the complexity of the system.

Mainstream economists like Paul Krugman, argued that how money is created does not matter.

There’s a bit of sleight of hand involved in the way we handle money itself: first acknowledge that it’s a special sort of good that people desire only because other people desire it, then ignore that specialness for the rest of the analysis.

Even though we can operate totally fine without understanding the nature of money, we can pay grocery bills, pay for gas, mortgage for house, clothing, college tuition, etc without any knowledge of where money originated and how the system works. However, understanding the essence of money helps us with conscious spending and more importantly attract money with our conscious thoughts. If we don’t know what it is how can we get it? I do not mean that you need to understand every single aspect of money, but it helps if you are aware of the essence of it.

Money is a symbol, a token created as a means of final settlement of transactions. It’s a creation for trading purposes. Some economics call it an accounting trick because in the modern sense the paper with value written on it, which we call money, is backed up by nothing but demand; and the physical creation of dollars is first by writing checks “drawn on itself”. Out of thin air, someone, somewhere created “money” that then goes in circulation. The complexity of the system generated covers its simplicity, and the vast majority are acting unconsciously within the “system“ with the concept of lack. But you are aware of what money is, and you decide to make a change in your life to attract abundance into your life, more of it and create it consciously and deliberately.

With this in your awareness let’s look at aspects on how you can attract money.

1. A Money issue is a relationship issue

It is a relationship between the physical you and your inner self. Do you accept yourself as who you are? Do you see your own self-worth? Do you value yourself? Or do you belittle yourself and think you will never amount to anything? Cultivate a feeling of self-worth. Stop yourself on the tracks of devaluing yourself whenever you catch yourself thinking in negative terms. Start loving yourself as the way you are and fully accept your own being. By being content and appreciative of your being you gain self-confidence and self-worth that will radiate outwards to attract money into your life.

2. Money persona – think of money as a human being

What does this being look like? Is it scary and ugly? Or is it attractive and handsome? Would you like to hang out with this person? How do you feel around this person called money? Are you comfortable or feeling unease? If your money persona is scary or unattractive, mentally change its features until it can turn you on and excites you. By doing this you are mentally attracted to money.

3. Carry large sums of cash and constantly remind yourself of abundance

This was what Tony Robbins did to boost his money mindset. Every time you look at the cash you are reminded that you have money and you are rich. Instead of being merely a number in the bank, you got to see and feel the solid dollar bills in your hands and smell them. Whenever you look at them trigger your feelings of abundance and feel more money coming your way.

4. Mentally spend money to get what you want

Since money is a symbol, when you say I want money it is vague, and may not trigger the intense feeling of excitement. But it might be easier to feel the excitement of the possession of things you desire; therefore, you can translate money into the stuff you want to buy with money. It must be things that you truly desire not what you think others would like you to have. Is it a trip to Europe? Is it a new house? Is it a brand-new car? Whatever it is, it has to generate an exciting feeling in you. Mentally spend money throughout the day and vividly imagine the joy of buying what you want. By doing that you tune into the frequency of having more money and owning things. You are a good match to receive those things you desire, therefore you will attract them into your life. Imagine the delighted feeling and freedom of spending your unlimited amount of money to get whatever you want.

5. Cultivate a feeling of abundance, security, freedom and joy

A large number in your bank account is not what you ultimately want after all, because what does the number do to you if you don’t use it in any way. You want money because you want what it represents, abundance, security, freedom and joy. Because of these feelings money can bring you, it is the energy pattern that money represents. When you tune into these types of energies you are tuning into the energy of money. By the law of attraction, you are a good match to receive money and money will be on your way. Therefore, focus on the essence of money and cultivate the feelings that money brings as if it’s already there.

The process is simple, the key is your consistent intense positive feeling. View these methods as games that you can have fun with. You are not responsible for coming up with the exact ways that money flows to you, for it is a job of the Universe, and the Universe always surprises you. Elevate your energy to consciously and deliberately attract money, and by the law of attraction more money will be on your way!