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Thought creates the world then says,
“I didn’t”

– David Bohm, one of the greatest quantum physicists

We live in a thought-generated reality.

Everything visible comes from the invisible, intelligent, energetic plane you may call consciousness, a MIND of some sort.

Your circumstances, environments, situations, life events are your creation, and you have total control over it at any given moment.

All you need to do is to awaken to your true power and use it Consciously and Deliberately.

You may be surprised by the MAGIC you possess when you realize it; it’s way beyond your everyday conscious awareness.

You are always projecting your Mind Realities out into the world to form the Physical Realities.

By the LAW of the Universe, the outside reflects what you hold within you, never the other way around.

You may be  creating your realities unconsciuosly and hopelessly for as long as you remember, but you can CHOOSE now to create consciously and deliberately!

Hi, my name is Sue Maisano, Chinese American Healer and Life Coach. I am dedicated to helping you connect with the natural almighty power you are born with so you can live life to your beautiful design.

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