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No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

- Einstein

I see all problems as consciousness problems.

When you rise in consciousness, problems no longer exist.  This is especially true for emotional and relationship issues.

Hi, my name is Sue Maisano, and I’m a spiritual life coach helping clients transcend emotional and relationship issues by tuning into their higher consciousness within.

There are four levels of consciousness each one of us can operate from.

Level one: Serpent

One word description: Reactive

This level of consciousness is rooted in the physical, and is where most of us operate from. At this level, we see everything as physical and limited. We take an eye for an eye. If someone says bad things about us, we get offended and angry. If someone (parents, spouse, children) does not follow what we prefer them to do, we get upset. If someone does not like what we like, we separate ourselves from them. We view ourselves as right and others as wrong. There is a lot of disharmony on this level, and people live in fear, doubt, worries and emotional pains. If someone says you are an idiot, you retaliate by saying “F- you”, or you remain silent but painful inside. You are at the disposal of your environment and other people’s behaviors on this level of consciousness.


Level two: Jaguar

One word description: Rational

This is the level of the intellect, logic and psychology. At this level, more thought and reasoning is put in to analyze the situation and relationships. When someone insults you or hurts your feelings, rather than spontaneously react by being angry or inflict it upon yourself silently, you ask what caused that person to do such things to you. You do not internalize the event the way you do in level one. You start to seek the mind for answers.


Level three: Hummingbird

One word description: Responsible

This level is the spiritual realm where symbol, poetry, dream, and energy resides. You start to see things as symbols with personal meanings for you. You are 100% responsible for how you feel. If someone insults you, you will realize that the reason you are feeling insulted is because of your own mental projection. Because had you not projected the feeling of being insulted, you would not have been affected emotionally by other people’s behavior. You seek inside yourself for answers and solutions, not anything outside, for the outside is simply a reflection of what you hold inside. Happenings and other people are symbols and tells about your own reflection. Not many people have reached this level.

Level four: Eagle

One word description: Equanimous

Duality ceases to exist. There is no good or bad. Everything is just IS. You see beauty and perfection in every one. Judgement is gone as you accept everything and everyone as the way they are. Some people may have flashes of this level but it’s rare to maintain at this level.

Which level are you on right now? Do you experience emotional roller coasters or relationship challenges? To solve these problems, you have to rise higher in consciousness and I am here to help you with my spiritual life coaching program.

I am so confident about my program that I offer you the guarantee for results, or it’s FREE on me.

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Thought creates our world, and then says 'I didn't do it'

- David Bohm

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