Changing Reality Starts With Changing Your Mind

Sue Maisano

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Modern science discovered that there is nothing solid, that the world we see, touch, smell and sense is nothing but a big pool of energy pulsations, materializing and disappearing at high frequencies beyond our conscious perception.

Just as movies are static images flashing so fast that we couldn’t perceive the “gaps” in-between images, resulting our perception of continuous motions, physical reality is vibrational energies appearing solid perceived by our limited everyday conscious awareness.

Our own conscious participation is what made the physical world the way it is, a much-restricted reality far from the ultimate truth. The observer (YOU) creates physical reality out of the pool of energies.

The material part of you, your body is a form of energy.

However, your body is not YOU.

The essence of you is your Soul Being, a finer energy that typically won’t condense to be perceived by physical senses.

Your whole self is a hierarchy of energies, you are an energy ensemble with your soul being the life force.

Your soul breathes your physical body into being and gives it life. Your soul is the super “glue” that makes the ensemble of energies stay as a single entity, it holds everything together.

At the moment of physical death, the soul leaves the body and the body falls apart energetically and will be decomposed into the raw natural materials of molecules and atoms and recycled back to nature while the soul essence carries on, with the wisdom learned from a lifetime.

How to make the best out of your experience of a soul being living in a human body?

Since everything is energy and it operates through the universal law of like attracts like, how to achieve optimal health, harmonious relationships and unlimited abundance?

How to tune in to the vibrations of peace and harmony so that good things flow to you?

Aligning different levels of your energies holds the key, and your mind is the golden bridge to unite your whole self.

Your body has amazing self-renewal, self-healing abilities, if left alone. The natural state of your body is health. However, often times our deeply buried subconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions get in the way.

Illness does NOT occur at the moment your body goes wrong physically, it originated first as a thought, not a thought of getting sick of course but a subtle thought of a negative nature.

Thought is energy and carries with it a unique frequency based on the nature of the thought.

As time goes on you have new thoughts and the old negative thought is swept under the carpet out of your conscious awareness. The negative thought energy, not being properly let go of, stays in your system and homes in to the corresponding body parts that matches its vibration.

Physical reality follows energy. Your body is a manifestation of the energies you hold within. Over time, with subsequent thoughts and feelings in a similar nature they accumulate in your system and direct your body into corresponding physical illness.

To heal requires mental release of such negative energies from your system.

Hypnosis and meditation are powerful tools for healing because it expands your consciousness to discover the root cause of your problem and make profound changes.

The source of illness may be beyond your imagination and logical thinking, it may even arrise from your past lives, as often times the case with relationships.

Remember aligning different levels of your energies holds the key, and your mind is the golden bridge to unite your whole self.

Meditation and hypnosis directly work on your mind to locate the origin of the negative energy and mentally release it properly.

On the conscious level we all want vibrant health, loving relationships, and unlimited abundance, but the subconscious is running our lives and we are not even awareness of what might be holding us back.

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