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Here are the reminders for those who sometimes forget their own magical powers… Bookmark this page

4. Parallel universe

Do Parallel Universes exist?

Truth doesn’t matter, what you think of AS truth is everything.

If you believe Parallel Universes are real, then you can use this theory to benefit your life.

Just to think there is a Parallel Universe where what you wanted to achieve is already done makes it easy to change your life. The idea of a whole new Universe, an entire existence with everything you ever wanted had been there all along is very inspiring.

It gives hope, and make it a POSSIBILITY to simply jump to a pre-existing reality that’s more desirable.

Each Universe/Reality is like a line, they intersect and where they cross form critical junction, where you can simply jump to a different reality.

Perhaps you had never been in one Universe, but traveling through Universes in this complicated web of realities.

Then nothing is impossible.

In the quest for Parallel Universes, the power lies not in the absolute truth but in the transformative potential of what you hold as truth. If you embrace the belief in Parallel Universes, you unlock a gateway to shape your reality. Envision a universe where your aspirations are already fulfilled — a tantalizing prospect that can reshape your life effortlessly. The notion of multiple realities intersecting offers not just hope, but a tangible possibility to leap into a more desirable existence. Each universe forms a complex web of realities, presenting a myriad of possibilities, making the impossible, possible.”

3. Polarity

A stick consists of two ends and everything in between, collectively referred to as a stick.

In our physical world, we encounter polarities, such as hot and cold in the temperature spectrum, good versus evil, low versus high, and happy versus sad.

These apparent dichotomies are actually pairs on a gradient, emphasizing the importance of understanding polarity and the essence of the underlying concept.

Polarities are extremes of a singular entity, and movement along the gradient is possible.

For instance, the poor can become rich, illustrating the potential for change.

Polarities are mental constructs derived from comparisons, and the physical world is structured around these polarities, aiding our comprehension of fundamental concepts.

As souls experiencing human existence, we are characterized by these polarities.

Souls inherently embody love, and our journey in the physical realm involves understanding love through the contrasting experiences of polar opposites.

The question arises: Why are we, as souls of love, subjected to a world of suffering?

The answer lies in the quest for a deeper comprehension of love.

Living a physical life enables us to grasp the true nature of love by experiencing its absence. The purpose is to purify the soul through encounters with polarities.

Through contrasting experiences of poverty and sickness, we learn to appreciate wealth and health.

Witnessing the absence of love allows us to cherish it when it manifests.

The meaning of life, then, becomes a profound exploration and understanding of love amid the contrasts and challenges of our human experience.

2. Surrender is the ultimate power

In Spirituality, surrendering is when you willingly give up and allow the higher power to run through you and direct your life. That’s when miracles begins to happen because you become a conduit for the all emcompassing Universal power. 

Many people stop to “care” and they started to see miraculous changes happening in their life. The so-called “don’t care”, or “don’t give a F*ck” is some people’s way of surrendering.

For most people, when they say “care” they really mean “worry”. Therefore, when you don’t care you acutaully remove the mental block for what it is that you want to achieve. You gain more peace at your job, harmony in your relationships, better health, etc.

When your ego get out of the way, you allow room for higher consciousness to direct your life. You can’t pour water into a full cup. But when the cup is empty, it starts to receive the FLOW.

The syntax you use doesn’t really matter, the purpose is to let go, in whichever way you resonate the most. 

1. Life is about TRANSCENDING emotions

Life is an emotional experience centered on experiencing.

Consider the type of experience you wish to create. Imagine being the scriptwriter of your story and decide how you want it to unfold.

Life’s richness is in the quality of emotions, acknowledging that it involves both pleasurable and unpleasant emotions due to the inherent polarities in physical reality.

The key is not seeking only pleasurable emotions but transcending them.

Life’s essence lies in transcending emotions to become unaffected by the external environment, achieving a state of equanimity.

Spirituality is about reaching a neutral state where life simply IS, undisturbed by external influences.